Every Look 1st Solutions Protect package includes Notify, a research-based application from which anyone anywhere can confidentially report any potential violation of important policies, law, safety, or security, associated with an organization. It is the notification system that is the most likely to prevent and the first to detect those violations.



  • It is the right thing to do
  • Makes eminent business sense
  • Exceeds legal requirements
  • If you don’t have it, the consequences could be catastrophic
  • Costs less than $1 a day

There are no reasons not to have a notification system and NOTIFY is the most effective


  • Protects people and the organization
  • Won't get blindsided – get first notice of potential ethical, legal, and policy issues
  • Know what you need to know, when you need to know it
  • Enhances safety and security
  • Prevents civil and administrative litigation
  • The Look 1st seal is the basis of trust

Child Care

The demands on daycare organizations are constant and dynamic. NOTIFY is as effective and efficient as a smoke detector, preventing and detecting wrongful acts and conditions for you. Rely on any Protect package including for compliance and reporting. And when they have a choice, not having a notification system is a deal breaker for parents.


Before, during, or after school. A part-time program or an entire district, Every Protect package includes NOTIFY, a completely customizable solution you can count on to protect students, staff, the leadership, and the organization. Compliance, reporting, and more all from a secure dashboard.

Youth Programs

Seasonal or year-round, camps, countless youth activities, and sports. And all very important to our impressionable and vulnerable youth. These experiences and lessons have an impact now and for the rest of their lives. Every Protect package includes NOTIFY, the completely customizable solution that will protect them and the organization. And more.

Senior Care

Every Protect package provides priceless peace of mind for clients and adult children. Efficient and effective, customizable for one caregiver or thousands. Homecare, one facility or nationwide. NOTIFY prevents and detects what you do not want to happen. Vigilance, compliance, and reporting. And more.

Small & Medium

Running an organization is hard enough without the risk of all the bad things that can happen. But NOTIFY is the most likely to prevent and the first to detect what you do not want to happen. Get a Protect package to protect people and your organization and more. Then display the seal, a symbol of trust, and more. Compliance is incidental.


  • Notify-Logo-FA The notification system that is the most likely to prevent and the first to detect violations of important policies, law, safety, or security.
  • certified-Seal Easy to display seal is a visible indicator of trust
  • Customizable intake form(s)
  • Automatically acknowledges and updates notifier
  • Automatic process and tools to validate notifier and notifications
  • Optional text alerts
  • Automatically updated status board and tracking
  • Secure, easy to use management dashboard – everything logged and organized in one place
  • Automatically or on case-by-case basis, give designees dashboard access
  • Confidential messaging
  • Automatic mandatory reporting interface
  • Saves notes and documents.
  • Easily share part(s) or all of incident reports
  • Exceeds federal requirements, ABA and expert recommendations, and consumer and workforce preferences
  • Serious issues are part of a communication continuum followed by feedback and then comments and suggestions. Look 1st is the only provider in the Americas that allows organizations to manage that communication continuum from one dashboard.


How can small and medium organizations stay current on mandatory reporting requirements? Leave it to Look 1st.

Incidents that require mandatory reporting will be automatically flagged in your NOTIFY dashboard and clear and complete reporting instructions make it easy to submit the required information. And everything is logged. Soon we will begin offering the states, DC, territories, and US SafeSport the option of automatically receiving mandatory reports.

Look 1st monitored mandatory reporting requirements include child abuse, elder abuse, NGB sports organizations and US SafeSport.


Background checks, policies, procedures, training, and other solutions are important. But an effective notification system is the most important. It is as essential to preventing and detecting child and elder abuse, as a smoke detector is to preventing and detecting fires.