Intolerable and Unacceptable Risks for People and Organizations

Fire prevention programs are important. But countless people and organizations would be burned without smoke and fire notification alarms.

Crime prevention programs are important. But many more people and organizations would be the victims of crime, and the consequences would be far worse, without the 911 notification system.

Background screening, policies, procedures, processes, compliance and safety programs and systems, training, monitoring, and oversight are all important. But people and organizations will continue to suddenly face what they never want to happen, from minor distractions to the devastating and reprehensible, without a notification system to prevent and detect wrongful acts and conditions in organizations.

We – people and organizations are fortunate: Smoke and fire notification alarms are often required by law and insurance companies. The government takes care of the 911 notification system.

But for nonpublic entities - all the nonprofits, programs, schools, and businesses that are so much a part of our lives, the criminal and civil consequences of not having a notification system, while significant, are post-incident. And that’s largely why less than 5% of small and medium organizations have a notification system.

Credit is due to the organizations that do background screening and have or pay for safety and prevention programs and systems. But they are not enough; people and organizations remain at an unacceptable risk.

Look 1st Solutions’ Notify is the notification system most likely to prevent and the first to detect wrongful acts and conditions. And organization leaders are invariably surprised at how little it costs.

Don’t tolerate an unacceptable risk, get Notify now. And trust and engagement will also increase.