Protects people and organizations and delivers information between people and organizations.

Our NOTIFY application, included with all Protect packages, is the most likely to prevent and the first to detect wrongful acts and conditions.

We also award seals to entities that meet government requirements and other important standards to prevent and detect wrongful conduct and conditions. The seals are also portals to check and deliver information.

The Situation

Sexual harassment, assault, bullying, child and elder abuse, defalcation, fraud, theft, discrimination – outright racism, safety and security breaches, serious violations of policies and procedures - it seems that at least one such incident makes the news every week. And for every incident in the news there are hundreds that never become public knowledge.

The lack of a basis to trust providers and employers is a gnawing and growing issue in American households.

The Law

Federal law requires every organization to have an effective compliance and ethics program and system to prevent and detect criminal conduct.

There are no legal consequences if a nonpublic organization is not compliant unless there is an incident that the requirements are intended to prevent and detect. In such cases organization leaders may be personally charged and face civil consequences. Now the law also applies to the leaders of franchisors and organizations that control or assist or advise other organizations.

Look 1st Solutions’ research-based Notify application is the most likely to prevent and the first to detect violations of important policies, law, safety, and security. The dashboard includes optional text alerts, messaging, mandatory reporting if required, and documentation and reporting. All Protect packages include Notify.

American Bar Association

The ABA advises that programs to raise and address problems are a good business practice every organization should implement them. “Should the benefits of compliance not be significant, avoiding liability should be.”

The Experts

Virtually all organization academics and consultants surveyed consider an effective notification system essential for all organizations. There is no dissension whatsoever.

Customers, Employees, Communities

Over 90% of both customers and employees prefer organizations that have an effective notification system - the foundation of trust. All parents consider notification systems a requirement for the organizations to which they entrust their children.

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