The Protection portion of this Scorecard is based on federal and other requirements and the recommendations of the American Bar Association and virtually all organization experts. The Trust portion of the Scorecard is based on extensive customer, including parents, client, and workforce research. Virtually all prefer and trust organizations that have at least a notification system.

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  • Clear and accessible policies and procedures to prevent and detect criminal conduct.
  • Leadership¬†delegates responsibility to, and supports, appropriate staff to ensure that the program is implemented and effective.
  • Due diligence, including background checks, prevents individuals who have engaged in conduct inconsistent with the program from being given similar responsibilities.
  • Routinely communicate policies, procedures, and other aspects of the program to leadership, employees, and agents, including volunteers, by providing information, resources, and training.
  • Promote and enforce program through appropriate incentives and disciplinary measures for criminal conduct and for failing to prevent or detect criminal conduct.
  • Provides a system which facilitates notifications including:
    • Confidentially processes notifications from -
      • Employees
      • Client / customers
      • All others
    • Actual and potential violations of -
      • Important policies
      • Law
      • Safety
      • Security
    • Comments and feedback.
    • Hosted and managed by independent third party.
    • Visible and easily accessible.
    • Simple to use.
    • Cloaks/protects the identity of notifiers.
    • Notifiers can check status.
    • Confidential, two-way messaging.
    • Data can neither be hacked nor destroyed.


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