Look 1st Solutions will promptly inform you if the organization has a Seal. If not, Look 1st will confidentially contact them. If the organization has an effective notification system, Look 1st Solutions will issue them a Seal at no cost. If the organization does not have an effective notification system, they may choose any Look 1st Solutions Protect package at no cost for a month and then 50% off, as little as 40₵ a day.

Please provide as much information as possible.

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*Effective notification systems to prevent and detect illegal acts are required by law, recommended by the American Bar Association and virtually all organization experts, and preferred by consumers (especially parents) and the workforce. What Leaders Need to Know to Protect Their Organizations, People, and Themselves

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Partners offer business and professional associations and groups of small and medium businesses and nonprofits a revenue share for promoting at least our essential Notify app, seal, and certificate to their constituents.

Partners sign up associations and groups once, then earn continuously from their organizations via automatic payments, month after month after month after... Individual organizations may also be easily signed up.

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