Delivering information is our business. We also deliver opportunities for our partners by customizing portals and valuable services that acquire, engage, and retain organization clients. We also create better outcomes for consumers and the workforce by providing a single secure interface to quickly Look to see which organizations have a system required by law, to prevent and detect illegal acts, confidentially Notify organizations of wrongful acts and conditions, Connect with organizations to rate and review, get questions answered, and make comments and suggestions, and to Deliver instantly, dashboard to dashboard, messages, documents, and files regardless of size to any number of recipients.

Look 1st Solutions partners with MicroSourcing to provide exceptional and highly scalable support our partners and their clients.

What kind of Partner do you want to be?

Affiliate Partner

  • Associations, groups, franchisors, and enterprise organizations and their entities benefit from essential and unique Look 1st Solutions.
    • Fulfills responsibility to apprise entities of compliance and other critical matters.
    • Packages protect people and organizations and measurably improve performance.
    • Optimum package pricing/affiliate revenue stream.
  • System to prevent and detect prohibited conduct exceeds all compliance requirements and recommendations.
    • All participating entities and their people are protected and trusted.
      • 100% participation eliminates the risk of one noncompliant entity reflecting negatively on affiliate and all other entities.
  • Program is simple to customize and launch.
  • Sell via customized buy pages, links, and coupons.
    • Compelling tools and programs to promote compliance and participation.
  • Affiliate banner below Seals engenders trust in affiliates and entities.
  • Participation based incentives and awards.

Go To Solutions Partner

  • Promote their solutions and services and facilitate sales.
    • Recognize with a Recommended seal.
    • Solution page(s)
    • Monthly Special Announcements and Offers email distributions
    • Product/service link in account and or member dashboards
    • Deliver, dashboard to dashboard, messages, documents, and files regardless of size to any number of recipients.
  • Foster collaboration.
  • Conduct and share meaningful research.
  • GTS Partner categories include:

      Small and medium businesses and nonprofits

    • Advertising & Marketing
    • Background Checks
    • Banking/Services
    • Business Forms
    • Child/Elder Safety
    • Compliance
    • Credit Services
    • Education & Training
    • Identity Management
    • Insurance
    • Job Postings
    • Legal Services


    • Credit Services
    • Deluxe, Banking Services
    • Job Search
    • Identity Management
    • Insurance
    • Legal Services
    • Media

Portal Partner

  • Essential and unique applications and services help acquire, engage, and retain clients and drive traffic.
  • Develop, host, and manage white label portals or augment current portals.
  • Standalone or integrated with other platform(s)
    • Mobile optimized and or branded Android, iOS, and Window apps
  • Significantly and continuously profit from extremely low wholesale pricing.
  • Multiply sales channels.
    • Unique URLs and dashboards.
    • Incented business and professional association and group affiliates
  • Easily changeable pricing, discounts, terms, and revenue shares
    • Variable and tracked coupons.
  • Proven and scalable technology enables speed to market and seamless and high-level data processing.
  • All listings prominently portal branded.
  • Email marketing, enrollment, automatic payment processing, up-sell/cross-sell, and dedicated support for accounts

Referral Partner

  • Enable individuals and organizations to earn attractive commissions automatically and continually, by signing up Affiliates and or selling Look 1st Solutions packages.
    • Customized splash pages, coupon codes, or a links
    • Set own pricing.
  • Help consultants and consultancies to augment or build a thriving practice using the Look 1st Solutions applications suite.
    • Includes exclusive access to the Look 1st Solutions knowledge base, highly regarded training and train-the-trainer programs and access to their clients’ dashboards.

App Partner

  • Increase value created and revenues by integrating one or more innovative and impactful Look 1st Solutions applications.

Integrate for Success – Look 1st Solutions understands that while our solutions are critical to every organization, they are part of an ecosystem and must seamlessly integrate with other systems. In addition to portals, we have integrated our solutions with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, marketing automation platforms (MAP) and other third-party systems. Look 1st Solutions offers ‘out of the box’ connectors to CRM and MAP systems, as well as open APIs for connection to other systems. All programs include training, marketing content and pre-sales, post-sales, billing, and customer support as well as Look 1st Solutions applications at no cost.

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