Optimizing indivdual satisfaction and performance
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Description- There is no direct link between talent and performance
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Description- Score Cards and Consulting - An Unbeatable Combination
Description- Now that there are indications that the economy is improving the internal demand for organization performance data is increasing. Not just more numbers, but the details behind numbers. Proof. Everyone - analysts, the market, the government are all going to be a lot more careful and demanding. The practice
Resources to Achieve and Sustain Optimum Performance
Profiles of an Individual, Duo or Group that May Not Have Received the Recognition They Deserve
Description- Recognizing and celebrating all professionals
Analyzing or Applying Numbers to a Problem or Situation
Description- In an overwhelming avalanche of information, true answers can be much harder to find. Calculation is essential.
Description- Calculating Total Compensation Recruited, Staffing Efficiency, and other vital benchmarks
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Description- True genius lies in the ability to make things simpler, not more complex
Commentary by Nick Burkholder
Description- Owning up to mistakes before they become major issues
Description- How to act appropriately when the victim of unfair situations