Your Choice

Although we’re obsessed with continually improving Look 1st Solutions applications, I now spend most of my time trying to convince organization leaders to implement an effective notification system to prevent and detect at least illegal acts, even if it’s not ours.

Most of us are familiar with the “pay now or pay a lot more later” scenario and I’ve used it to compel organizations to implement a notification system. But particularly in these times, there’s an inclination not to choose even very low-cost solutions for which the negative consequences are at an uncertain point in the future.

Leaders of every single nonpublic entity, including corporations, partnerships, associations, unincorporated organizations, governments, and nonprofit organizations, regardless of size or structure, choose whether or not to have a notification system to prevent and detect wrongful acts and conditions.

If an organization leader chooses to pay now, probably less than 50₵ a day, they’re also indicating that they are vigilant in protecting people, partners, and the organization. This establishes and sustains trust.

If an organization leader chooses not to pay now and they experience an incident that an effective notification systems are designed to prevent and detect, it could be as if the whole world was coming down on the organization and the principle(s) personally: Criminal and civil actions, reputations devastated, public disdain. Oblivion.

What Leaders Need to Know to Protect Their Organizations, People, and Themselves lays out the case for effective notification systems and should be shared with organization attorneys. And Look 1st offers special offers every month.

Consumers, especially parents – all of us also have a choice, particularly regarding the people and organizations to which we entrust those that are important to us. And if a childcare provider, a youth program, or a senior care facility doesn’t have an effective notification and there is an incident that they were designed to prevent and detect, hopefully, it won’t involve anyone important to us. But if it does, we can expect a notable settlement.

But is that what we want?

Make sure that the organizations to which you entrust those you care about have a system to protect them.